Community Development

Community, policy and non-profit leadership and results

Kevin is committed to his community, to making a difference.  

Kevin was elected to the Shoreline City Council, and then by his fellow council-members to be Deputy Mayor.

He was appointed by Governor Locke as a Trustee of Shoreline College. Governor Gregoire appointed him to the Affordable Housing Advisory Board.  Governor Inslee reappointed him and Kevin then served as it's Vice Chair.

He held neighborhood leadership roles as President of the Echo Lake Neighborhood Association, the Hilltop Business Association and the Cross District Association of Tacoma.  

He's co-chaired the Sea-Shore Transportation Commission.  He was finance committee chair and President of the board of the Center for Human Services. He served as a board member of the King County EDC.  He's an early and long term member of the Tacoma SpaceWORKS advisory board.  

Whether it is statewide or hyperlocal, Kevin improves participation, ensures financial sustainability, often turns around struggling grouips and has been successful with many policy changes and advocacy efforts.

Kevin provides board development support, working on best practices around governance issues, and in particular clarifying and regenerating clear, driving purpose.

The purpose provides the common ground on which to solidly move forward, resolve issues and be effective at delivering results by mission driven organizations.

To discuss your concerns and where Kevin may be of assistance, call or email to get the conversation started.


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