Cross District Association


Tacoma has 15 designated neighborhood business districts.  10 are currently active. The umbrella organization is the Cross District Association.

Four concerned business district leaders, including Kevin, took over the Cross District Association in early 2015 after years of it’s declining attendance.  The reconstituted board, with Kevin as it’s President, has worked to revive it with one key question always in mind – what can the CDA do to provide value as an organization to the active business districts.  Recently, for the first time in many years, all 10 active business districts were represented at the every other month meeting of the CDA.  The CDA members are board members of the respective Neighborhood Business Districts.

Kevin has been the President of the Hilltop Business Association for the past 4 years, overseeing the increase in paid membership of 5x, and working on providing meaningful content at every meeting, resulting in an increase in average meeting attendance from around 20 to around 30, and re-initiating a Hilltop Street Fair, which achieved attendance of over 12,000 people enjoying the Hilltop through the 2015 event.

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